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Bob Hayden-Gilbert Here you will find pages relating to products or services available for purchase and download from the internet or to other sites for products requiring a delivery by mail.  It also has a link to Fring® which enables you to make free calls from your mobile over the internet through VOIP.  There are no tricks - it's free, but you'll need a wi-fi enabled 'phone to be able to use Fring®.  Using Fring® will enable you to use Skype® from your mobile, if your mobile will run Fring.

If you have arrived here from a search engine, or you have been looking for products which which you have read about in an internet article, please select your product below and click on the link.  My apologies for one extra "hop".

Article Submitter:  An article submitter is an essential tool for this interested in posting articles to multiple sites.  This software takes all the hard work out of finding article sites, discovering what their requirements are and will submit your article to many hundreds of sites.  Article Submitter is a free download and will enable you to submit to approximately 80 article and/or directory sites.  There is an option to upgrade to Gold for US$67 (which works best) or Platinum which is fairly expensive at US$167.  To find out more, please click  http://crhg.info/articlesubmitter

Directory Submitter:  A directory submitter submits your articles to hundreds of directories and works in a similar way to Article Submitter.  It takes all the drudgery out of submitting articles and will save you hours of work when you want to submit articles. To find out more, please click http://crhg.info/directorysubmitter

SEO Elite:  SEO Elite is an internet marketer's ultimate "must have" piece of software.  It is the original search engine optimisation software.  It will show you how to: find out who is linking to you and if those links are still live; analyze your backlinks; find new, high page-rank partners; find and rank websites using the "allin" routine; how your site is ranked according to your keywords; find put how many of your pages have been indexed by search engines.  In addition, the latest version of SEO Elite includes the essential tool of all article writers, the Article Submitter.

To find out more about this amazing piece of software, please click http://crhg.info/seoelite

Forex:  Foreign exchange trading is not for everyone, because of the inherent risk of losing more than you had originally invested and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose, but what if there was a company who could limit your loss to the sum you'd originally invested and also allow you to enjoy the benefits of the considerable gains which can be made through foreign currency trading?  If this interests you, you should click on http://crhg.info/forex for more information.

Amoils:  Amoils is a company that makes and distributes a wide range of healing oils to treat many different ailments.  To find out more about oils that can alleviate symptoms of a wide range of ailments without harmful side-effects, please click http://crhg.info/amoils

iBegin:  Want to learn a wind instrument?  Perhaps concerned by having to practise alone not knowing if you're doing the right thing?  Then iBegin is for you!  Even if you have never handled a wind instrument before, iBegin will guide you to putting the instrument together, teaching you how to play the instrument right out of the box and teaching you to read music note by note at the same time.  You can even adjust the speed of the music to suit yourself without altering the pitch of the music!  If this interests you, please visit iBegin's website.

iBegin® is unique, illustrated interactive software designed for beginning wind instrumentalists, written by a teacher and professional musician with thirty years of experience.  iBegin® allows students to practise with a synthesised full band, have recourse to interactive fingering charts and sound bites of notes, so that they can check to see that they're playing the right notes.  iBegin® encourages beginning instrumentalists to practise by being accompanied by its interactive parts and scores.

Beginners can also use
iBegin® as a reference tool, as it contains illustrated, interactive fingering guides for each note, instrumental maintenance instructions, basic music theory, basic instructions on how to use the Sibelius® notation program, an interactive fingering chart and interactive scales and arpeggi.

No other beginning instrumental guide gives you as much as this.  With
iBegin®, you can learn by yourself without fear of playing a wrong note or using a wrong fingering.  Simply print out your part and choose to be accompanied either by your own part or by a full synthesised band.  You can even slow down the music to suit yourself!  There are no recurring costs - you own each part of iBegin® once you've paid for it, but please don't pass it on to anyone else.  It took one man 4 years to write ten books.  He wasn't commissioned to write iBegin and was not paid to write it.  You can read about the author at http://www.original-works.co.uk

iBegin® is not going to cost you a fortune and is not sold with tricks like capturing your credit card or Paypal® numbers for next month's payment in the hope that the buyer will forget to cancel.  You can buy as much or as little of iBegin® as you wish, as you want and when you want.  Having bought iBegin®, it is yours to keep.  There are no time-expired access restrictions hidden in the file, but, as I asked before, please don't give it away.

GuyGetsGirl:  When it comes to personal relationships, no-one teaches you the best way to attract a partner or girl-friend.  In all probability, your parents muddled along and chose each other after a series of haphazard experiments in social interaction, some of them inept in the extreme. There were no text books, no courses, no guides whatsoever.  Now there is.  Tiffany Taylor has written a superb guide for men who would like to be seen as attractive to women at an affordable price, currently only US49.95.  This is next to nothing for a unique guide written by a woman for men and a guide that will change your life.  Whatever your goal is, Tiffany has an answer for you.  If this interests you, please click on this link for more information or here to go straight to Tiffany's site.  There she will show you the secrets of success in your quest to find a mate.

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Posted 7th December 2008