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"Of the many  programs I've used, I would put this in the top 5 for ease of use and design."

here to find out how this program can save you immense amounts of time and money when you submit articles.

I could barely believe my eyes when I first got Article Submitter demo up and running.  Everything was neatly laid out, with the 85 sites at the top left of the screen and further help, together with promotional offers to upgrade from the free version, at the bottom of the screen.  Just below the horizontal division bar there were other screen navigation buttons similar to those you would use in your browser.  The side bar at the right of the screen contained all the major navigation buttons.  The screen was beautifully laid out, uncluttered and obviously the product of careful design.  Of the many programs I've used, I would put this in the top 5 for ease of use and design.

The amount of information available at the click of the mouse is simply beyond belief and fulfilled my wildest article submitting dreams.  Not only could I submit articles, Article Submitter allowed me to make informed choices about which article sites I should submit to.  It has Google Page Ranks and Alexa ranks, so that you can see which article sites the internet community is visiting most, but my experience has been that submitting your article to as many sites as you can is the way to drive traffic to your site.  Many article publishing sites syndicate with other sites giving you more exposure on the internet and thus driving more traffic to your web site.

At first, I was a bit bemused with the program, not knowing quite where to start, so I clicked on the video link at the bottom half of the screen.  The instructional video is in a class of its own, with every step clearly demonstrated.  After watching it, a complete beginner will be able to submit articles with confidence, not only in plain text, but also in html.  Please try the video now by clicking here.

This article submitter page has changed since I wrote my "Article Submitter - An Essential Tool" article.  If you want to go straight to Article Submitter, first click
here and then click on "Article Submitter" in the menu bar near the top the next page, which is the homepage for Article Submitter Platinum, a fairly expensive piece of software at US$167.

Article Submitter in its demo mode will allow you to submit to up to 85 article sites.  Initially, you will have to sign up with these sites and some of them will require a login and password.  Don't worry – Article Submitter will prompt you for all this information.

The beauty of the demo mode is that it allows you to become used to the interface.  After you've submitted articles to all 85 sites and signed up with those that require a login and password, the next time that you submit an article, Article Submitter automates all the logins, so you'll have no need to laboriously fill in all the login details ever again and you can also make notes as to which sites require registration, passwords, and that only accept certain types of article content.  It will also alert you to sites which require html or plain text, passwords or no passwords, and the different forms of the resource box, which are not always labelled "Resource Box".

At this point, you're probably thinking that 85 sites will be enough to submit to, but if you really want to drive large volumes of traffic to your web site, you'll need Article Submitter Gold, which has the power to submit to more than 350 web sites.  Even if you only plan to do spare-time marketing, you'll find that Article Submitter Gold will be the best investment you could ever make in a program.  It will save you so much time and will be the catalyst in driving large volumes of traffic to your web site.  Think of it this way:  if you paid yourself a mere $20 an hour, you would have paid for Article Submitter Gold in less than a morning's work, plus, Article Submitter Gold would have saved you so much time.

If you're convinced, I invite you to click to download Article Submitter Gold  If you like Article Submitter Gold, you'll like Platinum even more.

There's also a Directory Submitter and links to forums which you can use to promote your web site.  You'll be able to submit to 350 directories with the standard version, but a massive 1,350 directories if you sign up (for only $76) for the Gold version.  Trust me, it will not only save you hours of tedious work, it will also increase your exposure on the internet, and thus, your sales.

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