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  Learn to play a wind instrument and be accompanied by a full band when you learn with iBegin®!

iBegin® is available for Flute, Clarinet in B flat, Alto Saxophone, French Horn, Mellophonium, Trumpet, Trombone Bass Clef, Baritone Bass Clef, Euphonium Bass clef and BB flat Tuba.  If you need any other instrument or clef, please send me an e-mail at ibegin at original-works dot co dot uk (simply replace "at" with @ then replace "dot" with . and delete the spaces)

If you've never handled a wind instrument before, don't worry - iBegin® will show you how to assemble your instrument.

When you learn with iBegin®, you can be accompanied by your own part or by a sysnthesized wind band.  You don't have to play by yourself.

You can even slow down or speed up the music to suit yourself without changing the pitch of the music.

You'll be able
to see clearly which fingers are to be used when learning new notes with iBegin's unique interactive pictures and diagrams.

You'll be able to use interactive fingering charts so that you can check that the fingering you are using is correct.  Just click on the fingering graphic and you'll hear the note that you should be playing.

You'll be able to choose between being accompanied by your own part or by the full band.

You'll have
43 interactive, illustrated tutorial lessons containing note by note instructions in a complete e-book.

iBegin® will show you how to maintain your instrument through its illustrated instrumental maintenance instructions.

You'll learn basic music theory as you progress.
  You'll learn about:  Notes of Treble or Bass clefs, Bars & bar lines, Whole bar rest, Time values of notes, Dotted half note, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Dotted quarter note, Time signatures, 1st & 2nd time bars, Tie, Anacrusis, Slur, Staccato, Key signatures, Rests, Da Capo al Fine, Ternary form, Dal Segno, Sharp, Flat & Natural, Syncopation, Dynamic markings, Tempo markings.

You'll learn how to use the basic functions of the award-winning Sibelius® notation program.

You'll have a complete set of
interactive major scales and arpeggi which you'll be able to slow down or speed up.

If you are a teacher, you can use iBegin® to extend your students' learning time beyond their weekly lesson safe in the knowledge that it is virtually impossible for a student to play a wrong note when learning with iBegin®.

You can also use the synthesized playback of a full wind band for classes with incomplete instrumentation, thus enabling their students to have a full band experience, where they would otherwise have none.

You'll be able to select single or discontiguous instruments to play back from the full score, or whole sections or parts of sections, to enable students to hear their parts alone or in conjunction with other parts.  The facility to be able to slow down the playback is invaluable to beginners experiencing difficulties with certain passages or techniques.

You can select which instruments to playback from the full score, by accessing the mixer and muting unwanted instruments.

iBegin® WORK?

Simply download the parts of the book that you'd like to try after paying at Clickbank.  Install iBegin Reader and Sibelius demo.  Launch the iBegin file and you're away!  If you'd like to try a short demo click here.

If you have already tried the demo, or already know about iBegin® and would like to buy the course, you have a choice of buying the whole course for US$40 or buying
five separate modules one at a time for US$10.  You will need a credit card or a PayPal®  account (preferred - just click on PayPal to be taken to their web site) in order to buy iBegin®.

Print out the parts before you start a new lesson so that you can put them on your music stand.  If you have no printer, you can play from the screen, but you will find learning with iBegin® much easier if you have a printer.

Who wrote this CD?

Bob Hayden-Gilbert,  a professional musician, conductor, composer, arranger and teacher who has been a musician since he was 3 years old.  To find out more about Bob, visit http://www.original-works.co.uk  or look in "Baron's Who's Who Of The World, Millennium Edition" or the "International Who's Who in Classical Music".  To send feedback, please send an e-mail to ibegin@original-works.co.uk   iBegin® is available in English and Thai. 
To order please send an e-mail to  ibegin at original-works dot co dot uk (simply replace "at" with @ then replace "dot" with . and delete the spaces) or telephone UK flag  +44-20-8144-9093,  Oz flag +61-8-8121 8098, Thai flag+66-8-6616-3190 (English or Thai), or fax +66-38-706330.  An online ordering system will be avilable shortly.

iBegin® - Changing the way beginners learn

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