Digitising Strauss

Where does the time go to?  I can’t believe that it was August when I last posted.

My Chamber Orchestra is playing Mozart’s Symphony Nº 29 and my Jazz Group is playing Dixieland.  I’m also digitising a few scores of the Strauss famly, as most publishers only print those awful “Piano/Conductor” parts which are no use to man or beast.  I’ve finished “Im Krapfenvaldl” and am half-way through “Feuerfest!”.  Still to go are “Bahn Frei”, “Explosions Polka” and “Auf Der Jagd”.  I’ve also managed to get the parts and scores off to Ecole Mondiale in Mumbai, where I’ll be conducting two works of mine for middle-school bands at the end of March, “Four Chinese Folk Songs” and “Jungle Tango”, a new work which I wrote specially for them, featuring elephants, snakes and tigers.

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